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Started by cometcolour 2017-04-07 at 06:33
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Dear Admin,
I have noticed , there are many members having issues with the inactivity of rented referrals, Even though they recycle them few times, problem persists.

As, we all know Finalbux uses Real human referrals , no bots. So, no one can predict the clicking activity and patterns of RR, so far.
I request you to please let members use recycling for their Rented Referrals for FREE.
This way , even if members eventually didn't get active RR, they can at least replace them FREE OF COST, rather than spending unnecessary small fees ($0.03) for just recycling.

Hope you will consider this request, and definitely members will bless you with all the good wishes. By taking this step , A good bond of trust will be developed between , Admin and Members.

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