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IMP : For FinalBux Stability

Started by cometcolour 2017-04-03 at 09:26
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Dear Admin,

I have some suggestions for the strong stability for Finalbux. I hope you will consider it.

1) Add an option of Revenue Share.

By adding this feature, Both members and Site will get benefits.
Benefits for Members : By investing in to revenue shares, members will get a fixed profit on daily basis regardless of the clicks they made. Also, members will get a chance to reinvest their profits into buying new packs or even in renting/extending/recycling Rented Referrals.
Benefit for Admin/Site : By launching revenue sharing, site will get a surge in income, as it will get a massive flow of investments, which can be used in any legitimate option to grow your (Site )finances and stability.

2) ClixGrid
By adding this feature,
Benefits for Members : By clicking on the clixgrid chances, members will get additional stream of income within Finalbux to grow their balances. Also, advertising on clixgrid is much cheaper than to advertising into normal ads.
Benefits to Site : By adding this feature, Site will get sizable income as there will be hike in advertisers those are looking for a cheaper rate advertises on monthly/weekly basis.

3) Head/Tail Game.
By adding this feature,
Benefits for members : By playing head/tail game members can earn 200% of their bet , if they are lucky. One big advantage is members can use the points, convert it into purchase balances and play with it. By this way members account balance will not be compromised towards the BET. However, In advice to play it responsibly, as this is at last a gamble.
Benefits to Site : If you set the option of 70-30 , All Bet funds will be assigned as , 70% towards the prizes, and 30% towards the Site profit. This way site will guaranteed gain 30% of overall games , after deducting the prizes distribution.

4) Offerwalls Integration :
By adding this feature,
Benefits for Members : By using the various offerwalls like PTCWALL, OFFERTORO, CLICKWALL, MINUTESTAFF etc, members will find extra ways to add into their income.
Benefits for Site : As Finalbux has a huge member database, the more offers members will complete, the more commission Finalbux will get. This will be a true WIN-WIN situation for both Admin and members.

I hope you will consider those additional features request reasonable and will add it , if found profitable and reliable.

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