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Referrals problem

Started by besartg 2017-04-03 at 08:16
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Hello Finalbux
Dated 30.03.2017 I have paid 25RR, while only 11 of them have so far been clicked. from that day other 14RR are never clicked, could you tell me what do you that is the problem here please.
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Dear member,

You can wait for 4-5 days before you recycle the inactive referral. If that referral didn't click for 5 days in a row, its time to recycle it. As you are a Golden member , recycling will cost you $0.03.

Remember , always calculate your BEP ( Break Even Point) before recycling your inactive referral.

Your required BEP for Golden member is : 1.33

You have 25 RR , so keep an eye on total RR clicks for a day. Total clicks should be 25*1.33 = 34 Clicks.
If you don't get 34 overall clicks in a single day from all your RR in total, Recycle the inactive one.

Hope this info will help you.

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You really have helped, but I think 14RR are many who are not clicking, as if they were six apo7 st without clicking will not search assistance because it is normal, but 14RR be without clicking really is number of big, hope Admin adjust this.
Thank you
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Me to... i buy 25 referals but active refferal just 10 referals. 15 referals not active until today. does finalbux has guarantee for my not active referals? because i buy with my money and not me who choose referals, so can i want to guarantee if my referals not active.

Dear admin, give me a good answer about it, please

Thank You So Much